ENVY – where our gold is buried!

Why this is the case and how we get there:

When we want something and don’t (fully) admit it to ourselves because at the same time we believe (usually unconsciously) that we can’t have it… this unpleasant, nasty feeling arises in our body… ENVY!
The cool thing is – once we are fully aware of this, we never have to avoid this feeling again!
Nowadays I always get very curious when I feel envious. Why? Because then I often discover that I really want something that I was less aware of before. And what keeps me from getting that is often – in the light of full awareness – surmountable. ūüėÄ

Therefore I recommend the following questions:
1. What do I want that this person has? -Often I don’t want to be the same… but I DEFINITELY want SOMETHING like that! ūüėČ
2. Why do I think I can’t have this? – Here it is particularly important to allow ‚Äúirrational‚ÄĚ beliefs to arise. I put irrational in goosefoot, because of course they arose rationally – in the past, when they still fit our life situation from which they arose.
3. How can I now lovingly and proactively deal with my blockages (=injuries) and my situation so that I GET WHAT I WANT? ūüėÄ

Most of the time we find that we can create what we are jealous of once we admit that we want it. And if that doesn’t work straight away: with a clear goal it’s easier to find ways than if an unconscious longing swims under the surface…
So: lovingly bring envy into the sun of consciousness and make sure that we get what we wanted or experience what we longed for!

If you would like to look at unpleasant feelings from the outside with a loving eye… Simply book a 15-minute impulse conversation for yourself. I love giving powerful impulses on topics like this!

15 minutes for you

PS: Do you know someone who this could also be helpful for? Then just share this blog entry directly. ūüôā

I wish you an exciting journey of discovery with your envy!

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