The place for unfolding: transforming together

for a safe and fulfilling world

Giving an Receiving

People need people.

People like to give.

People sometimes need help.

Sometimes we overflow with joy, knowledge, money, time…

And sometimes we experience crises or get stuck on topics and don’t know what to do next.
Or we feel that we could contribute so much more, but something is still missing..

The “unfolding place” will be a physical place where people of different professions passionately support transformations.

A place that you can also support with donations if you don’t need the support yourself but want to make it possible for others.

And it’s already available digitally. Once a month there are seminars, lectures and impulses from people from different professions who inspire and support transformation.

Have a look! We look forward to you!

Would you like to contribute? Contact me. 🙂

You can find the next dates here

17.01.23 6-7 pm Berlin Time  Free Group Meditation with Carlos Kamiya
A space where you can connect with your inner self, with mindful meditation and visualization.

More will follow soon… 😀


Linda Schroeter

Blockade solver with satisfaction guarantee, clairvoyant, psychologist, therapist, author, has been coaching and training individuals and companies in German and English for 16 years.


Transformation in a loving way – leading to inner and outer integration.


Carlos Kamiya

From 19 years of taichi practice, 8 years certified as Onthological coach and 21 years graduated in business administration and leadership had designed the SHEN method for connecting with our true and higher self. Found my passion working for a non-profit when our higher self overcomes adversities and life challenges.


Love to serve people in finding life purpose through mindful visualization and conscious movement.