Do you want to reach your goals that you are craving for a long time now?

It’s my passion to bring about change in a caring way

Is it time for you to live your calling really successfully? Or do you want to achieve goals that you have been longing for for a long time?

As a coach, you already know so much yourself! However, my own experience is that with some topics it is simply easier and with painful topics it is also necessary that someone is there for you and supports you in the processes. We coaches are also allowed to have our blind spots, limitations and injuries.

And it is also worthwhile for us to look at them consciously, with support and, above all, with love.

I accompany you in the “diving up” of what is holding you back. With my comprehensive training, my coaching experience since 2006 and my clairvoyance, I am completely with you.


In this way, aspects of you can show up that need to be heard and seen so that you can really experience something new. This creates a completely new clarity and completely new impulses for your further life.

You probably already feel what finally needs to be lived, let go or celebrated.

Find out what your life looks like on the next level! Book your free impulse talk now!

I’m looking foward getting to know you!
Yours, Linda Schroeter

German Testimonials

„Das Blockaden lösen hat zu einem noch intensiveren Zugang zu meinem inneren Kind geführt.”
Kerstin Overath


„Freisprechen vor einer Gruppe ist auf einmal einfach!”
Daniel Baumgärtel


„Finanziell fließt es jetzt noch leichter…”
Heike Jekel


Book your free impulse talk now

I feel deeply for you and look lovingly at what you want to change – so that you can discover your strength, love, clarity, vulnerability, joy, anger, creativity, playfulness… and bring it (back) into your life in a sustainable way.