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Transforming blockages

Let me support you in transforming blockages into what you really want in a loving, effective and sustainable way…

My passion is to lovingly bring about change

Blockages are unfulfilled needs, patterns that are long outdated, communication internally or with others that does not lead to the goal or injuries that have not yet been able to heal.

Whenever something in our life isn’t going the way we want it to, it is worth it to look deeper. What part of us wants to be lovingly heard, picked up, rescued, or protected? What does he/she need to feel spoiled and happy?

Which needs are not met and how can we not only get to know them, but also develop strategies to really meet them, alone or in contact with others?

It is my passion to lead you to the causes of your issues and to lovingly ensure change there. In this way, problems that were believed to be unsolvable, seemingly stubborn blockages and emotional pain are transformed.

German testimonials

„Ich konnte tiefes Vertrauen in meine berufliche Entfaltung finden.”
Claudia Padberg

Coach für Mama Auszeiten

„Es fällt mir nun viel leichter auf neue Kunden und Partner zuzugehen.”

WordPress Coach

„Umgang mit Kritik fällt mir jetzt erstaunlich leicht.”
Michaela Mikl

Wegbereiterin für Herzensprojekte

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