Do you want to transform conflicts into understanding, connection & joy?

Do you wonder where the ease or love went?

Are you wondering where the lightness or love has gone that used to be taken for granted?

Do you have the feeling that the other person no longer understands you and maybe even thinks of separation?

I help you to understand each other again and to find new ways to your love.

For couples with child(ren)

Transforming conflicts and helplessness into understanding and connection

Your relationship was so beautiful that you started a family. And then your dream child came and the relationship became almost only parenthood and relationship work?

So many couples have this experience! It is not for nothing that the divorce rates are particularly high in phases with small children in particular! But how can you talk to each other in this difficult time, deal with each other and shape things together in such a way that everyone involved is still doing as well as possible?

Most parents lack fundamental knowledge about the differences between women and men, which is often essential for the survival of the relationship, especially in phases with few resources.

I will help you with respect and empathy for both sides to have conversations and to get understanding for each other. In this way you can better meet your different needs as a man and woman, so that everyone becomes more relaxed and happier.

I look forward getting to know you! Your Linda Schroeter